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Dr. John Q. Public

Clinic Name: Public Patients Naturopathic are


Credentials: Naturopath, DC, ND, LD, RN

Remote Services Offered? Yes.


Dr. Public is a certified mechanic, nutritionist, botanist and naturopath. His comedic talents and exceptional bedside manner have made his practice one of the most highly recommended in the greater Tuscaloosa area. Be sure to ask about his pizza coupons and tattoo services, all offered on site along with Medieval Med equipment such as the Rack Stretcher, Stockade Restore and more.


"I feel good. I knew that I would. So good. So good."

James Brown

"It's a good feeling, a very good feeling..."

Fred Rogers

"Dr. Public's staff made everything so easy to understand."

Wayne Drops

"I would recommend Dr. Public to anyone wanting to get to the root of their illness."

Ivan T. Feelbetter

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