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Rita Shimniok, Certified MSA

In the Practitioner's

Own Words...

In 2010 I took control over my own health that was destined for medications and surgeries. Through research and sorting between hype and common sense, I was able to change the direction of my dismal health prognosis to thriving by making lifestyle changes.

Four years later, I became the caregiver, researcher, and nutritionist for my husband diagnosed with late-stage terminal cancer. It was a profound experience that changed my life, and directed me towards my God-given purpose.

Although we incorporated several energy modalities into my husband’s treatment, the Qest4 bio-energetics was not discovered until the last several weeks of his time on this earth. I understood that becoming a Qest4 practitioner would help me help families. I wanted children to have their parents and not be without due to disease, and Purely Living Wellness expanded to offering bio-energetic scans.

I have come to understand the importance of balancing the energetic body  - physically, emotionally and spiritually. As an avid, organic gardener I have also embraced the healing power of nature through herbs and whole food nutrients.

Shortly after receiving my certification in Qest4 bio-energetics, a person receiving their scan relayed that they were directed to give me a divine message. “Each of you has been spoken into existence, and that is the highest frequency of all!

That message has been imprinted upon my heart since 2015, and is the reason I chose the name High Vibration Life Ministries for the Private Membership Association. Higher vibration living fosters vitality, and I encourage everyone to seek such for their lives.

High Vibration Life Ministries/Purely Living Wellness PMA places an emphasis on providing members with education to better understand their body’s needs. Lifestyle consultations are available. Members receive access to a website filled with researched articles. As a researcher I build Qest4 scans that focus on information gathering as we live in unprecedented times.

I have provided scans and treatments nationwide, and as well to missionaries serving in India, struck by food poisoning, and a friend living in Israel with a cancer diagnosis.  Remote energetic treatments do make a difference. I assure you that remote testing is just as effective as in-person bio-energetic scans.  I offer 15-minute phone consultations to help you determine if HVLM/Purely Living Wellness is a fit for your needs. If you would like to schedule a call please send me a text and indicate Azure so I may get to know you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Rita Shimniok, Certified MSA


Certified MSA
Purely Living Wellness /High Vibration Life Ministries PMA 
Qest4 Bio-Energetic Practitioner
AlephTav Coherent Restore Therapy

Remote Services 

Yes, Qest4 Bio-Energetic Services; Herbals Tinctures-Teas-Topicals & Researched Supplements; AlephTav Coherent Restore Therapy (for anyone exposed to GMOs, shots, EMF, chemicals); OlyLife TeraP90 Technology; Wonders of PEMF & TeraHertz; You Define Wellness Network Provider  & Heal.Me




Cross Plains, Wisconsin

"When I learned that Azure was going to be offering a whole food supplement line free of unnecessary fillers and synthesized ingredients I was very excited! I'm very pleased AzureWell offers Whole-Food Vitamin C (not the synthetic ascorbic acid I had previously been led to believe was beneficial). Likewise, with Vitamin D, I personally feel so much better since having switched from the synthetic/irradiated Vitamin D to Cod Liver Oil as my source of natural Vitamin D. Most of all, I anticipated the release of Core Copper and IP6 Supreme from Azure. I spent 2023 researching the copper and IP6 with Inositol and was convinced the supplements would be game changers. In a short amount of time, the people who began the protocol I outlined for them using Qest4 bio-energetics and Azure supplements are experiencing marked improvements in their health."

Why I Recommend Azure

“An alternative to treating only symptoms which seems to be what Western medicine has become. Rita takes a total approach to wellness finding root cause and matching remedies to care for that most important person in your life. She had me incorporate IP6 Supreme and Core Copper, and within a week the pain in my hand has considerably subsided.” – Kurt G., McFarland, WI

"Rita introduced us to Azure supplements and we have been impressed with the commitment to clean and whole ingredients. She also introduced us to Dr. Monzo and we use several of his recommended therapies. One thing we appreciate about Rita is she understands there may at times be budget limitations and she works with so we can focus on healing, but still within a budget, i.e. the body scan shows x, y, z but x and y are the most important. We also love the tinctures she grows and makes herself." - Jen W.

from Rita Shimniok, Certified MSA

AzureWell provides the 'Find A Practitioner' page solely as a networking resource and does not endorse or recommend any practitioners listed therein. All medical or health-related decisions, including but not limited to the selection of care providers, the type of care provided, and the use of any products or services, are the sole responsibility of the individual and not of AzureWell or Azure Standard. Users should exercise their own judgment and due diligence when selecting a healthcare provider.

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