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About Our Logo

From the Azure farm here in Dufur, Oregon, Mt. Hood dominates our western horizon.  Located in the eastern foothills of Mt. Hood, we’re blessed to be able to irrigate our orchards and fields with water from the Cascade Mountain range.  Including this majestic and beneficial mountain as the main feature of our AzureWell logo makes it feel like “home” to us.


We also chose to include a mountain in our logo because, indeed, mineral-rich water flows down from mountains and nourishes the earth and soil beneath them to produce nutritious food.  And, by extension, the mountain in our logo symbolizes the profound benefits we receive from things outside of our immediate surroundings that we may not understand or even know about.


Adding to the symbolism, Mt. Hood is a volcano.  As such, it’s eruption (a long time ago, thankfully!) brought minerals from deep below the earth’s surface to actually improve the soil we grow our crops in now.


The pristine, clear-flowing pool of water in our logo ripples with vitality.  Our bodies are mostly made of water and require water to function properly. Beyond that, water is also life-giving to the land. Abundant plant- and animal-life spring up near sources of water.


The green banks on either side of the water in our logo, represent where we get most of our nutrition -- from eating whole foods the way God designed them.  But, sometimes, when modern chemicals, technologies, and soil depletion rob us of perfect balance, supplementing our diets can help restore proper balance.


The rippling concentric rings in the water symbolize the energy present in all things.  Even the smallest change (such as dropping a pebble into a pond), will cause that change in energy to be seen and felt at great distances.  Recognizing the beauty and balance of God’s creation, and harnessing the power of both chemistry and physics to restore health, will allow us to return more quickly to the healthy balance He intended.


As a theme on our website and in our communications, we’ve chosen to use pictures of pure, clean, life-giving water as often as possible.  It symbolizes our commitment to purity.

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