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Meet the Team

David Stelzer

CEO and Founder of Azure Standard

Parent company of the AzureWell brand.

David Stelzer founded Azure Standard on the principle that eating whole foods grown in healthy soil is the foundation of good health.  As an organic farmer, he understands how soil health affects our own nutrition.  As a father of 11 children, he understands how whole foods and natural remedies are important for children’s health.  And as the CEO of Azure, he understands that many people struggle to find affordable organic foods to feed their families.  It has been his personal mission to help people have access to a bounty of healthful foods.


Until recently, David personally didn’t put much focus on dietary supplements. But, then, after seeing his longtime assistant, Susan Booth’s success against cancer in 2021, he fully embraced the idea of supplementation.  “I’ve gained a new understanding about the value of adding supplements to the diet when needed. We are still talking about food. High quality whole food supplements are an incredibly powerful piece in the toolkit for wellness.”  This is the passion he brings for the AzureWell line.


Although David’s work-life and family-life merge quite a bit, when not at his desk or in meetings, you’ll find him in the garden, out in the orchards, on the farm, or spending time with his children and grandchildren.


You can read more about David Stelzer on his author page on the Azure Standard website.

Susan Booth

Vice President of Living Well Initiatives

Susan Booth has been with Azure for many years and has held many positions as the company has grown. She is currently the VP of Living Well Initiatives, a position specifically focused on developing the Azure Living Well division of our company, which includes the AzureWell brand.  Other initiatives are in the works to help people find true health and healing.


“It has been such a joy to work with so many people who are passionate about restoring health.  When we build strong relationships together with genuine care for each other, all of us can reach our goals better,” Susan says.


While working with health professionals and health-minded suppliers, Susan has enjoyed bringing the AzureWell brand to life.  “Through my experience recovering from a rare cancer, I got to know many practitioners who are having good success using natural methods to restore health.  It’s been amazing to watch how the Lord turned my difficult cancer journey into something that can benefit so many others.”


When not at work, Susan enjoys playing several musical instruments, reading, trying new things in the kitchen, gardening, and caring for her chickens and guinea fowl on her homestead.

You can read more about Susan Booth on her Author Page on the Azure Standard website and her Article Series there as well.

H.R. Payne

Vice President of Business Development, AzureWell


H.R. Payne comes to Azure with over 20 years of high-level leadership experience in the health and supplement industry.  His vast knowledge of supplement ingredients and industry practices has helped us develop the line and his product descriptions are meticulously crafted to share in-depth knowledge about each product.


“AzureWell is directly in line with the ethos of Azure Standard,” H.R. shares. “We have created an uncompromised, ethically-sourced collection for wellness. There is a revolution occurring in the science behind dietary supplementation. AzureWell has infused the most active natural compounds, many from botanicals, and encapsulated them, so we can get a greater concentration of nature’s healing power into our bodies. It is the power of nature informed by scientific research. It is the future of true healthcare.”


On the personal side, he tells us, “Over the past several decades, I've journeyed through the world of holistic health and wellness, on a path of knowledge and nurturing a deep-rooted passion to understanding limitless healing. Joining the Azure team was a choice that goes beyond the label but a serendipitous alignment of our shared values and mission.  I cherish the Azure family and what it stands for, not just its commitment to crafting the highest quality natural products, but its ethos: the purity of nature, the integrity of honest work, and the promise to mankind to do right by our bodies and our planet.  They, we are doing it because we genuinely care about your health and the world we all share. At the heart of our Azure Family is an uncompromised commitment to living abundantly well while cherishing our planet’s delicate balance, and every AzureWell product is a heartfelt testament to that promise.”

You can find articles written by H.R. on his author page.

Kelly Payne

Sr. Manager, AzureWell Brand Marketing & Administration


Kelly Payne joined the AzureWell team before launch to help us navigate the brand introduction and then lead us smoothly into very informative communication with our customers.


Kelly shares, “Our supplement line was developed in consultation with trusted practitioners to bring potent, superior botanical supplements to customers seeking to integrate supplements into a balanced approach to abundant health. We are thrilled to introduce it to the Azure family.” 


On the personal side, Kelly tells us, “Joining the AzureWell family was a deeply personal decision for me. It wasn't just about being part of a team committed to curating a premium supplement line to bring to the Azure community. It is also about continuing a legacy of health and balance for my own family, a path I have pursued for the past twenty-plus years."


Kelly Payne's role at AzureWell is the embodiment of passion turned profession. Her marketing ethos is deeply entwined with her dedication to socially responsible and mission-driven companies. With a robust foundation in agency, freelance, and internal marketing roles, Kelly has spent her career guiding brands toward creating insight-driven marketing programs that not only speak to consumers but also resonate with a higher sense of purpose.


At AzureWell, she's not just promoting products or services but fostering a brand narrative that champions well-being and sustainability. Kelly’s leadership is marked by a clear vision: brands can be powerful instruments of positive change, especially when they operate with awareness and intention.


When the screens are off, you can find Kelly spending time with her husband, three children, and two dogs.


You can find articles written by Kelly on her author page

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