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Dr. Jeanne Calabretta, ND

In the Practitioner's

Own Words...

For clients, I offer Qest4 energy scans, both in office and remotely anywhere in the world.


Every client receives their own flower essence remedy tailored for their emotional needs. Clients get their own personal essential oil blend. As a Certified Aromatherapist, I have had 5 case studies published in International Journals, one was a peer reviewed journal.


Also included are emotional releases for people and pets. I have successfully worked with animals with energy scans.

People give me samples of their supplements, and I see if they are benefiting them, or if they're wasting their money on items that don't serve them. When they try supplements that work well, they get their system balanced.


In my office I offer B.E.S.T. detoxifying hand/foot spas. In town, I teach classes periodically, and have taught several seminars for the Qest4 community.


As a Christian, this is a ministry to others and I often give spiritual insight that the Lord Jesus gives me for them. I count it a blessing to serve others.

Dr. Jeanne Calabretta, ND


ND, CNHP, CA, CMSAT, AAS (Lab Tech), CWD (Christian Worker's Diploma)

Remote Services 

Yes, Qest4 energy signatures




Bowie, Texas

"Azure is a stellar company that hit a home run with their supplements. They use only the finest ingredients free from any contaminates. I am already seeing results from these products and have switched from some other companies to Azure because of their high standards."

Why I Recommend Azure

I have had many testimonials, but one of my newer clients had not left the house for several years. After working with her, and running my protocols, her shoulders dropped 1.5 inches with just her emotional releases. The supplements and imprints for her energy field really gave her hope.

Her husband was thrilled that she was able to go to his parents' house for Christmas this past year. She had many physical issues that are getting balanced in her life. It's thrilling to see these results.

from Dr. Calabretta

AzureWell provides the 'Find A Practitioner' page solely as a networking resource and does not endorse or recommend any practitioners listed therein. All medical or health-related decisions, including but not limited to the selection of care providers, the type of care provided, and the use of any products or services, are the sole responsibility of the individual and not of AzureWell or Azure Standard. Users should exercise their own judgment and due diligence when selecting a healthcare provider.

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