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Dr. Alphonzo Monzo III, ND LMT, LPNM

Dr. Alphonzo Monzo, ND is a Naturopathic Doctor and views the body as a whole in which all parts are interrelated and should be considered for true health and wellness to be achieved. He has specialized in the field of bio-physics, which he has studied and practiced for the last 13 years. He has over 10,000 hours of experience with Bio Meridian (MSAS). In addition, Alphonzo completed a three year internship with the King Institute, Inc. where he specialized in The King Institute Method® (TKM®) and the study of bio- electromagnetic systems of the body. 


Dr. Monzo has been working with AzureWell extensively, offering the advice and guidance we’ve needed to ensure all AzureWell products are beneficial and effective. He is highly knowledgeable* about the body’s bioenergetic systems and how foods and supplements affect the proper functioning of the body.

Our supplements are tested by Dr. Monzo, ND, and we’re able to offer several of his unique formulations. More are in the works!

For more info from Dr. Monzo, ND, visit his clinic website,


*Dr. Alphonzo Monzo, ND is not a physician and does not diagnose, cure or treat any disease.

Thank you.

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