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When David Stelzer founded our parent company, Azure Standard, in 1987, his goal was to help people have access to healthful, organic food because he had seen what a big difference it made in his own health and family. He wanted everyone to enjoy health by eating food grown in accordance with the laws of nature.


But, over the years, he began to see that just switching to an organic diet didn’t seem to be enough. There was more to the picture. Then, in 2021, David’s long-time assistant, Susan Booth, became ill with a fast-growing cancer and almost died. By the grace of God and the care of many, she survived. But, to regain long-term robust health, she began searching for better answers and was in touch with some exceptional researchers and practitioners.  It’s an amazing story she’s eager to share. She says it’s obvious that God had a plan through all of this -- she’s had the experiences to show that our bodies were created to heal themselves if everything is properly in balance.


Professional-grade supplements played a major role in Susan’s full recovery.  This inspired David to fully embrace supplementation while continuing to focus on obtaining as much nutrition directly from food as possible.

The Inspiration

Once back to work at Azure, Susan began spearheading efforts to make superior supplements available through Azure to regain healthy balance in her body. She learned that Dr. Alphonzo Monzo, ND was using an approach to healing that was similar to what she had experienced already. He wanted to create some of his own formulations and have a line of products that were up to his standards… and the collaboration began. Susan is now fully focused on helping others by sharing what she’s learned, connecting people for health, and making AzureWell products available.

Susan's Passion & Connections

The AzureWell Team's Commitment

Note: Currently, all order-fulfillment is being done exclusively at our parent company, Azure Standard.

As our line of products launches in the fall of 2023, we’ve expanded our AzureWell Team to include H.R. Payne and his wife Kelly Payne.  While H.R. brings a wealth of knowledge about natural health, supplement ingredient quality, and practitioner relationships, Kelly is coordinating our communications.  We’re all eager to share what we know so everyone who needs AzureWell products can get back to living well and restoring balance.

Our Story

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