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Soothe and Save! Get 10% Off Bone, Joint & Inflammation Support. Shop at Azure Standard.

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Freedom Healthcare

Freedom Healthcare is creating the new paradigm in health care.

Freedom Healthcare is the new, alternative healthcare system, launching for personal freedom in healthcare! Our diverse medical teams will be from all genres and have a proactive focus on health in all aspects of life; Spirit, Mind and Body.  Private health association membership with telehealth, direct provider care and concierge options.
We believe our Creator endowed us with a perfect immune system and everything in nature we need to take care of our bodies. We focus on proactive health care, natural alternative medicine, wellness, exercise and a healthy lifestyle.  We also incorporate state of the art medical advances and options for individuals to explore in their healthcare journey. We believe in personal choices for you on your journey to your best health.

Our Vision: To empower individuals to find true health, incorporating spirit, mind and body, grounded in God’s nature.

Why Freedom Healthcare is partnering with AzureWell


At Freedom Healthcare we are here to create the new paradigm for true foundational health.  Since we are looking outside of the existing system of Big Pharma and traditional medicine to find the best and purest form of supplements and nutraceuticals for our Members, our focus on sourcing only the finest, highest-quality ingredients for purity

has brought us to AzureWell.


Knowing the integrity of Azure Standard and the pureness focus of AzureWell, we believe our collaboration with AzureWell can bring the best nutritional supplements to our Practitioners and for our Freedom Healthcare Members. Together with AzureWell, we are excited to offer a nutrition line that shows our dedication to excellence. Informed practitioners are empowered practitioners, and we're dedicated to providing the knowledge and assurance you need to recommend AzureWell products with complete confidence to your patients.

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