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A Natural Step Towards Regaining Health

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

by David Stelzer, Founder & CEO, Azure Standard

You know that we at Azure are always learning, innovating, and improving—it’s

one of our core values, and we consider it an essential part of serving our customers.

Growth, flexibility, and openness to change (for the better!) are crucial for personal well-

being, too! We have been steadily working toward an exciting and entirely new venture

for Azure Standard. We are absolutely thrilled to introduce you to AzureWell.

At launch, AzureWell is primarily a collection of high-quality, practitioner-grade dietary supplements formulated for general wellness and to support an array of health concerns. Each carefully formulated, whole-food based, non-GMO product makes it convenient to add concentrated amounts of nutrients (that some of us may not get enough of) to our diets.

AzureWell is an expanding line, and will grow to include a wide array of products, not just supplements. We know that there are many supplement brands out there. We have examined, tested, and tried many of them through the years. There is a great amount of impurity, fillers, and frankly, ineffective products. This is one of the key reasons we developed AzureWell—to bring you potent and pure supplements that can be trusted.

If you have been around Azure for any length of time, you know we are very selective about what we offer. We have a lengthy list of unacceptable ingredients, and we remain vigilant about inspecting the entire supply line of everything we bring to you. Every supplement

in our curated collection meets the Azure standard for quality, purity, transparency, and traceability. In fact, we’re going beyond our already high standards for supplements by ensuring that this Azurewell line of supplements is free of harmful excipients including magnesium stearate. We'll be sharing more about our pledge for purity in our supplements in the coming months.

You might wonder why we are so passionate about supplements.

David Stelzer, our founder and CEO, put it this way, “I have always believed that organic, whole foods form the foundation for wellness, and that most disease and sickness can be avoided with a rich diet of plenty of unprocessed foods grown in living, healthy soil. I’m not veering away from my belief that the key to health is in food. Considering supplements, we are still talking about food—getting very high concentrations of the most powerful constituents of food to help your body regain balance. When your body has gone rogue because of inadequate nutrition, ultra-powerful supplements can more rapidly help you return to balance, which leads to being well again. High quality supplements are an incredibly powerful piece in the toolkit for wellness.”

David has seen it firsthand. Susan Booth, who has worked closely with David at Azure for many years, underwent treatment for cancer in 2021. She credits her lasting healing, in large part, to a regimen of professional-grade supplements. Time after time, Azure has seen the incredible impact that proper supplementation can have on restoring balance and

promoting the right conditions for the body to heal itself.

Susan shares, “It was amazing to me how God led me to just the right people and the answers I needed at just the right times. I learned so much from my experience, and from the people who helped me and educated me along the way. Pure supplements have played a major role in my recovery. To be able to offer the best-of-the-best supplements being manufactured

today, and offer them as part of our Azure family of products, is really exciting. I’m very eager to share what I’ve learned about all aspects of regaining my health. My journey changed everything for me. My greatest privilege is to empower others with the knowledge

I gained, to use the experience God gave me to educate others who are on a journey to healing.”

Susan worked with select Azure-aligned health professionals using cutting-edge technology to learn what was out of balance in her body. Her personal experience, knowledge, and research led to a partnership with H.R. and Kelly Payne, as well as a team of naturopathic

practitioners skilled in using supplementation for healing.

Azure is pleased to have H.R. and Kelly, a husband-wife duo, on our team as we continue to develop and add to our AzureWell line. H.R. comes to Azure with over 20 years of high-level leadership experience in the health and supplement industry.

“Over the past several decades, I've journeyed through the world of holistic health and wellness, on a path of knowledge and nurturing a deep-rooted passion to understanding limitless healing. Joining the Azure team was a choice that goes beyond the label, but is a serendipitous alignment of our shared values and mission. I cherish the Azure family and what

it stands for, not just its commitment to crafting the highest quality natural products, but its ethos: the purity of nature, the integrity of honest work, and the promise

to do right by our bodies and our planet,” H.R. remarks.

Kelly adds, “Coming to the AzureWell family isn't just about being part of a team committed to curating a premium supplement line to bring to the Azure community. It is also about continuing a legacy of health and balance for my own family, a path I have pursued for the past twenty-plus years. Joining AzureWell was a natural progression, a merging of my passion with a platform that mirrors my dedication to enhancing well-being across generations.”

The AzureWell supplement line was developed in consultation with trusted practitioners to bring potent, superior botanical supplements to customers seeking to integrate supplements into a balanced approach to abundant health. We are thrilled to introduce it to the Azure family this December. Susan will be sharing more of her astounding journey, and H.R and Kelly will be bringing you much more detailed information about AzureWell and the partnerships we have in the works!

In the coming months, this venture will expand to bring you more resources and offer connections to a network of holistic health practitioners in all areas of the country. We hear from so many of our customers, family, and friends who are looking for another way to

wellness. Our vision is to facilitate those connections and get you back on the road to enjoying life, doing meaningful things, and eating great food along the way—to experience abundantly vibrant health!

*This is a repost from our feature article appearing at, our parent company.

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