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Exploring AzureWell's Commitment to Pure and Natural Health Products

Updated: May 3

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In the pursuit of a healthier life, we often turn to natural health products to supplement our well-being. These products, ranging from dietary supplements to skincare essentials, play a significant role in our daily routines. But have you ever wondered what goes into these products and how they can impact your health beyond their active ingredients? This is where excipients come into play.

Excipients are substances, other ingredients, in products that some suppliers or manufacturers use to serve various purposes, such as stabilizing formulations, aiding absorption, or enhancing appearance and taste. Excipients, often overlooked, can significantly impact how a product functions, its absorption rate, and its overall effectiveness. Often times, questionable excipients are used to cut costs and expedite production.

AzureWell is deeply committed to your health and well-being. When you choose AzureWell, you're not just selecting a product; you're investing in your health and well-being. We are dedicated to offering you natural health products that are pure, free from these undesirable substances, and crafted with care.

We partner with experts in botany, microbiology, and laboratory analysis to provide you and your family with a range of natural health products you can trust. We source the purest raw materials from trusted suppliers worldwide, subjecting them to rigorous screening for purity, identification, and contaminants.

Nurtured By Nature, Certified By Science

AzureWell’s commitment to purity ranges across all our products, including skincare essentials, botanicals, and wellness items. AzureWell's supplements undergo comprehensive testing, ensuring botanical identities and the absence of herbicides, pesticides, and other contaminants. We strictly adhere to FDA regulations and rigorously test for potential contaminants, such as heavy metals and residual solvents. We also steer clear of GMOs, radiation sterilization, and additives like magnesium stearate.

Our unwavering dedication to quality extends beyond sourcing. We take extra steps to ensure the safe storage and transportation of our products, safeguarding their integrity and effectiveness. Many of our supplements are stored in exclusive violite bottles, protecting them from light's harmful effects, which can compromise product quality.

To guarantee the safety and quality of our ingredients, our suppliers adhere to strict safety protocols, often surpassing FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards. Our suppliers have teams of scientists (see below) that utilize cutting-edge technology and analytical methods, including HPLC, gas chromatography, and mass spectrometry, to monitor every phase of the manufacturing process. This meticulous approach ensures purity, potency, and freedom from undesirable substances in all our natural health products.

  1. Flora LaboratoriesIdentity by: • HPTLC • Microscopy • FTIR Purity/Lack of contaminants: • Pesticides • Ash • Acid Insoluble Ash • Adulteration Screening (Microscopy): Sand, Cellulose, and Maltodextrin • Residual Solvents • Heavy Metals Strength/Purity

  2. Process NMR: Identity by: NMR Isocitrate Strength/Purity

  3. H&M Analyticals: Identity by: • Phase Identification • XRD- Phase Identification • XRay Diffraction                                                                   

  4. Romer Laboratories: Purity/Lack of contaminants: • Aflatoxins • Allergens (Soy, Gluten, Casein, Fish, Milk, Crustacean) • Mycotoxins

  5. Analytical Food Laboratories: Identity by: • FTIR Purity/Lack of contaminants: • Heavy Metals • Residual Solvents Strength/ Purity Composition by: • Moisture Nutritional Panel Air quality testing

  6. Sora Laboratories: Id/Strength Purity/Lack of contaminants: • Inorganic Arsenic

  7. KML: Identity of: • DNA • Probiotics Id/Strength Purity/Lack of contaminants: • Listeria • Bacillus • Clostridia • Pseudomonas • Total Aerobic Microbial Count • Coliforms • Yeast and Mold • Salmonella • Probiotic Plate Count • E.coli • Enterobacteriaceae count • Staphylococcus • Enumeration Environmental Monitoring Testing: • Water testing • Swabs/Sponges testing of surfaces • Air quality testing

  8. Eurofins: Strength/ Purity Purity/Lack of contaminants: • Specific rotation • Residual solvents • Illegal dyes Composition by: • Rupture test

  9. Alkemist: Identity by: • Microscopy • HPTLC Purity/Lack of contaminants: • Foreign Organic Matter • Adulteration (Micro Crystalline Cellulose (MCC), Maltodextrin (MD), Sand Id/ Strength Composition by: Moisture Determination

  10. Intertek: Strength/ Purity Purity/Lack of contaminants • Allergens Composition by: • Moisture determination • Rupture test • Disintegration

AzureWell’s Pledge to Purity

At AzureWell we take the responsibility of safeguarding your health seriously, scrutinizing every aspect of our offerings. We take every measure for you to achieve toxin-free wellness, regardless of the natural health products you choose. Our products are crafted from materials that are exquisitely well-grown, free from unwanted additives like magnesium stearate, artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners.

In a world where not all natural health products are created equal, AzureWell stands as a symbol of purity and integrity, offering a wide range of products that nurture vitality and well-being. We harmonize science and nature to deliver natural health solutions you can rely on for your journey towards optimal health. Our Pledge to Purity is your assurance of toxin-free wellness and a healthier future.

Free of these Common Excipients

Below is a list of 30 common excipients and ingredients used In the supply chain and manufacturing process of many natural health products. AzureWell products do not contain any of these highly questionable and likely harmful ingredients.

  1. Titanium Dioxide (nanoparticle form): Whitening agent. Concerns about potential carcinogenic properties.

  2. Parabens (e.g., Methylparaben, Butylparaben): Preservatives. Potential hormone-disrupting effects.

  3. Sodium Benzoate (with ascorbic acid): Preservative. Can form carcinogenic benzene.

  4. Synthetic Carrageenan: Thickener. Linked to digestive issues.

  5. Blue 1, Blue 2, Red 3, Yellow 5, Yellow 6: Artificial colorings. Potential allergic reactions.

  6. Potassium Sorbate: Preservative. Potential skin allergies.

  7. FD&C dyes: Colorants. Allergic reactions in some.

  8. Talc: Anti-caking. Concerns about asbestos contamination.

  9. Hydrogenated Oils: Binder. Contains harmful trans fats.

  10. Magnesium Stearate: Flow agent. Concerns about bioavailability interference.

  11. Silicon Dioxide: Anti-caking. Concerns about nanoparticle forms.

  12. Titanium Dioxide (regular): Whitening agent. Lesser concerns than its nanoparticle form.

  13. Artificial Flavorings: Taste-enhancer. Can contain undisclosed chemicals.

  14. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS): Emulsifier. Can irritate skin and eyes.

  15. PEGs (Polyethylene Glycols): Solvents. Concerns about contamination with toxic impurities.

  16. GMO Maltodextrin: Filler. Potential for high blood sugar impact.

  17. Dioxins: Contaminants. Carcinogenic at high levels.

  18. Sorbitol: Sweetener. Digestive concerns for some.

  19. Aspartame: Artificial sweetener. Concerns about neurological effects.

  20. Polysorbates (e.g., Polysorbate 80): Emulsifier. Concerns about contamination with toxic byproducts.

  21. Povidone: Binder. Generally safe but concerns about prolonged exposure.

  22. Acetone: Solvent. Inhalation or ingestion may have toxic concerns.

  23. Ferric Oxide (Iron Oxide): Colorant. Minimal toxic concern but concerns about heavy metal contamination.

  24. GMO-derived Ingredients: Various roles. Concerns about genetic modification effects.

  25. Hexane: Solvent. Neurotoxic concerns at high levels.

  26. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG): Flavor enhancer. Some report sensitivities.

  27. Nanoparticles (various types): Various roles. Potential increased absorption leading to toxic concerns.

  28. Artificial Sulfites (various types): Preservatives. Respiratory reactions in some.

  29. Irradiated Ingredients: Various roles. Loss of nutritional value; potential carcinogenic compounds.

  30. Propylparaben: Preservative. Endocrine disruptor.

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