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Healthy Gut, Happy Summer - Save 10% on Digestive Support Essentials This July! Shop at Azure Standard.

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The 4R's of Gut Health

Restoring Balance to a Happy, Healthy Gut

Woman's torso wearing white shirt making heart with hands over stomach

Life Begins In The Colon

If the body does not eliminate its waste from each meal within 24 hours, then auto-intoxication begins – a fancy term meaning “self-poisoning”. To maintain good health, it is important to digest the foods we eat. We must also make sure we are consistently removing the body’s digestive wastes so they are not absorbed into the blood. As we get older, factors like eating cooked foods, exposure to toxic chemicals and environmental stressors can weaken our digestive strength. A healthy digestive system is the key to achieving optimal health for our entire body. Some say, “Death begins in the colon,” but at AzureWell, we like to say, “Wellness begins in the colon!”

The 4-Rs to Restoring Gut Health

A widely acknowledged strategy to promote one's digestive health and gut function is "The 4 R's to Restoring Gut Health".* This approach provides a systemic solution to the underlying issues that can weaken digestive health. By using targeted nutrition, this methodology supports the 4 R's:

1) Removal of substances that irritate the gut

2) Replacing the enzymes and acids that diminish due to age or sickness

3) Reinoculation of the beneficial bacteria in the gut

4) Repairing the lining of the intestinal organs themselves.*

This serves as a thorough approach to restoring one’s balance to a happy and healthy gut, allowing the body to attain abundantly vibrant health!


Bentonite Detoxification Clay (Freshwater) is aimed at the removal of disruptive substances that can irritate the gut lining.* This removal phase aids in the cleansing of the body's natural elimination process, which is essential for maintaining a balanced digestive environment.*  Other considerations:  AzureWell Pure Chlorella (NS1854)


AzureWell Digestive Enzymes, Mid-Meal Every Meal are crucial to the "replace" stage as they provide enzyme support to ensure the breakdown of food and the absorption of nutrients.* Replacing with enzyme support is particularly important as we get older and enzyme production is naturally reduced.*


AzureWell Next Step Advanced Probiotic promotes a healthy gut bacteria ecology by reinoculating the gut microbiome with beneficial bacteria.* Replenishing the gut with probiotics helps strengthen digestive function, promoting nutrient uptake and normal immune response of intestinal cells.*


AzureWell Icelandic Cod Liver Oil provides essential fatty acids that aid in the structural integrity to help support the repair of the gastrointestinal tract lining.* The EFAs of Cod Liver Oil help promote a healthy inflammatory response which aids the natural healing and maintenance of the digestive system.*

Reclaim your digestive health and unlock the secret to a stronger, more resilient you!

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