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The Stories Behind the Products, Part 1

Susan Booth, Vice President of Living Well Initiatives, AzureWell

The AzureWell team is so appreciative of the trust we've been given by our Azure community around the country. If you are familiar with Azure Standard, you may have wondered why they should develop and offer the most pure line of supplements available anywhere. In 2021, Azure Standard CEO David Stelzer's long-time assistant, Susan Booth, became ill with a fast-growing cancer and almost died. By the grace of God and the care of many, she survived.

To regain long-term robust health, Susan began searching for better answers and was in touch with some exceptional researchers and practitioners. Once back to work at Azure, she began spearheading efforts to make superior supplements available through, and matching the high product quality standards of Azure Standard.

This is the beginning of a series and the stories behind many of the best-in-class supplements offered by AzureWell.

While AzureWell products are available to the public via, AzureWell has developed specific programs to benefit and partner with health practitioners. If you would like to let your health practitioner know - please have them visit our website for more information.

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