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Beat the Winter Blues: 5 Crucial Strategies

Woman in warm sweater holding coffee mug and looking out window.

Are you suffering from winter blues - cold air, snowy roads, and endless gray skies are enough to make anyone wish they were hibernating until that first Spring bloom … don’t gloom just yet! Here are five effective strategies designed to increase energy naturally and keep your metabolism from entering hibernation this wintery season!

1. Unlocking Cellular Energy with Mineralized Hydration*

Unleash your cells' full energy potential with mineralized water.* Purified water may lack key minerals necessary for efficient cell absorption and energy production. Whereas mineralized water, packed with essential elements, fills this void, hydrating the cell and acting as a catalyst to support optimal cell performance.* By replenishing your reserves with mineralized water, you not only ensure proper cell hydration; you are increasing the ability to produce energy too!*

2. Power Up Your Morning with a Protein Boost

Begin each morning on the right note by eating at least 20 grams of protein as soon as you awake. This little trick will help balance blood sugar levels by providing essential amino acids that keep those energy lows at bay and mental clarity at its highest. By adopting this small lifestyle change it sets you up for an excellent and fulfilling day that's not only balanced but mentally and metabolically sharp too!

3. Alkalizing for Energy

Alkalizing your diet and supplementing with functional superfoods (like Pure Chlorella, AzureWell's Whole Food Multi-Vitamin, Organic Greens, Super Greens Pro pH) is integral for maintaining your best energy at a cellular level, producing optimal units of cellular ATP.* Promoting an alkaline pH, your body can achieve maximum rates of energy output without making you feel exhausted at the end of the day.*

4. Unleashing Cellular Energy

Supplements like magnesium, copper, B vitamins, and whole-food multivitamins act as high-grade fuels that boost mitochondrial performance while simultaneously increasing ATP production - the currency that powers our bodies with energy!* Adding these supplements to your daily routine can significantly boost energy levels over time for sustained and increased vitality for the long-term.*

5. Your Sleep Prescription

The significance of getting an average of eight hours of restful ZZZs every night affects concentration, memory, immune function as well as lifespan. Lack of enough quality sleep is also linked with serious illnesses if left unattended for too long. Sleep's restorative power allows energy replenishment and tissue repair. Regardless of our age, sufficient sleep is paramount at every point in our lives.

It’s time to embrace the power of self-care and wipe out those winter blues. Wake up tomorrow and start your day with a protein-packed morning, mineralize your water and fuel your energy with some high-octane supplementation for your day.* The next day, you’ll wake up to a more vibrant you! Thrive! Achieve! Transform your winter from a period of gloom to a season of rejuvenation and vitality.

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