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Confronting Heart Disease

Exploring the hidden dangers of heart disease and the power of targeted nutraceutical interventions*

Red heart shape with a stethoscope wrapped around it.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control. It often occurs without warning, making prevention of the utmost importance. This health challenge deserves awareness, so action can be taken now. Today, the fight against heart disease benefits from new developments with nutrition and lifestyle changes, providing a way to improve heart health.*

The Sneaky Path of Heart Disease

The path to heart disease often starts with little exercise and the Standard American Diet (SAD), a high carbohydrate diet devoid of fruits and vegetables but high in refined sugars and processed grains, especially hybridized wheat. Hybridized whole wheat products have a different starch structure classified as amylopectin A, spiking blood sugar levels out of control beyond normal food when consumed.

A sedentary lifestyle coupled with chronic high blood sugar are a detrimental combination that can eventually lead to improper signaling of insulin and leptin. Insulin and leptin are two friendly hormones critical to regulating metabolism, energy, and hunger signals. When dysregulated by high blood sugar, these two friends can quickly become our foes, acting as the primary drivers of arterial lining damage. This impairment of the arterial lining causes a cascade of inflammatory reactions and could eventually lead to cardiovascular disease, marked by the narrowing or blockage of arteries supplying blood to the heart.

Fuel the Fight

Cardiovascular disease makes the heart work harder to pump blood through inflamed and narrowed vessels, depleting its energy. This leads to a shortage of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), crucial for heart function. Since the body produces and recycles ATP for energy, providing the heart with nutrients for ATP production is important. Maintaining ATP levels improves heart health and reduces cardiovascular risks.

ATP is essential for heart cells, acting as fuel. The heart needs this fuel for the mitochondria, the cell's engine. Keeping the energy supply high through diet, exercise, and essential nutrients supports ATP function and mitochondrial health.*

From Awareness to Taking Action

Exploring heart health involves proactive care, beyond awareness. It includes tangible actions like using targeted nutritional agents and making lifestyle improvements. Maintaining a healthy heart involves nurturing and energizing it at the cellular level through diet, exercise, and heart-supportive nutrients.* Working with your practitioner and taking action to these strategies will not only help support your heart during this time, but will restore balance with energy and vitality, leading to a more vibrant you.*

Advanced Heart Strategies for Circulation & Heart Energy

Essential Heart Support*

Support your heart's health with supplements selected to invigorate and protect your cardiovascular system promoting blood flow, circulatory support, and shielding against oxidative stress, guiding you towards a heart-healthy lifestyle.*

Bottle of AzureWell Heart Support dietary supplement.
  • Supports cardiovascular wellness*

  • Includes fermented CoQ-10 for heart health*

  • Ingredients for circulatory support*

  • Plant-based compounds that complement a heart-healthy lifestyle.*

Bottle of AzureWell Resveratrol Liquid dietary supplement.
  • Aids healthy blood flow and arterial function, essential for heart wellness.*

  • Formulated to support blood vessel health*

  • Promotes blood pressure maintenance*

  • Oxidative stress protection to help protect the heart and vessels*

Promoting Circulation*

Take a proactive approach and support your heart health journey by nourishing and supporting your heart's energy and circulation.*

Bottle of AzureWell Circuheart Enzymes dietary supplement.
  • Formulated with nattokinase to support circulatory health*

  • Contains Diosmin which contributes to vascular well-being*

  • Provides l-carnitine for heart energy support *

  • Arginine for circulatory support*

Bottle of AzureWell Circuheart Herbal Liquid dietary supplement.
  • Contains hawthorn berry to support circulatory health*

  • Aids microcirculation of small blood vessels*

  • Includes garlic and cinnamon for vascular support*

  • Probiotic-fermented for optimal absorption for heart health*

Elevate Your Heart Energy and Resilience

Promote your heart's energy and strength with a combo targeted at your heart's mitochondria shielding it with antioxidant protection, leading to a stronger, healthier you.*

Bottle of AzureWell PQQ & CoQ-10 dietary supplement.
  • Supports mitochondrial health in heart cells*

  • Direct antioxidant support for the mitochondria of the heart*

  • Heart energy support*

  • Complements heart muscle health*

Bottle of AzureWell Fermented CoQ-10 Plus dietary supplement.
  • Supports ATP production in heart cells*

  • Energy metabolism in heart muscles*

  • Antioxidant support for the heart*

  • Cardiovascular efficiency*

Other Key Allies in Your Journey to Heart & Cardiovascular Wellness

Embrace our selection of nature's finest allies, each uniquely crafted to support and enhance the health of your heart, offering a comprehensive approach to cardiovascular wellness.*

  1. AzureWell Organic Fermented Beet Root Powder: Beets naturally boost nitric oxide production in the body, promoting healthy blood flow, blood pressure, and oxygen delivery, which all contribute positively to heart function and overall cardiovascular health.*

  2. AzureWell Icelandic Cod Liver Oil: Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A & D, cod liver oil supports heart health by improving blood lipids and a healthy inflammatory response.*

  3. AzureWell Magnesium G (Glycinate): This form of magnesium is easily absorbed and helps maintain normal heart rhythm and blood pressure while reducing the risk of arterial calcification.*

  4. AzureWell Taurine Plus: An amino acid that supports heart muscle function, regulates calcium in the heart, and has been shown to support healthy blood pressure and calm the nervous system.*

  5. AzureWell Garlic Immune: Contains allicin and other sulfur compounds, known for promoting healthy cholesterol and blood pressure, and reinforcing arterial health.*

  6. AzureWell Olive Leaf Advanced Immune: Rich in antioxidants like oleuropein, olive leaf extract supports cardiovascular health by reducing oxidative stress, improving arterial health, and helping to regulate blood pressure levels already within normal range.*

Are you a practitioner interested in learning more about the AzureWell Practitioner Program? Click here for more information and to request access to our Practitioner Portal.


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