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A Vibrant Way of Living

From Our Kitchen To Yours

Green smoothie in a glass jar with green and white stripped straw.

In the pursuit of optimal health, over the years my family has transformed our everyday routines into a meaningful health journey. In a fast-paced society where the Standard American Diet (SAD) reigns, I have made sure my family keeps the foundation of our health secure with plenty of alkalizing minerals and high-powered functional superfoods and smoothies. This is a series of lifestyle choices we have made together in our goal of optimal health and wellness.

Achieving an Alkaline pH

Though it is not always easy, the concept of alkalizing the body through proper mineral nutrition is a key strategy to our family's health and wellness. Alkalizing the body with minerals helps ensure the blood pH stays in its highest range, promoting optimal cell energy ATP yielding the best physiological performance.*

When preparing our meals, we make sure we focus on alkaline-rich foods like vegetables or leafy greens that complement the main dish. In addition, a main staple to our action-packed days is our nutritious smoothies, loaded with low-glycemic fruits and superfoods complete with wholefood vitamins, minerals, oils and 10+ other ingredients all blended up for a wonderful tasting meal.

The Water We Drink

We understand the importance of clean, contaminant-free water and make sure we add AzureWell Trace-Replace Ionic Minerals to it. Tap water often contains contaminants that can yield a 7.0 pH level, but that is essentially a false positive of where we all want to be. 

Properly purified tap water may remove these contaminants, but unfortunately, it also removes many of the good minerals, thus yielding a more acidic water that can potentially damage the tissue over time, like a free radical. While filtering out harmful substances like chlorine and lead is crucial, it's equally important to replenish this mineral-depleted water with AzureWell Trace-Replace Ionic Minerals and restore it to an alkaline pH that can help you. At our house, we make it a routine to add these drops to our water, turning every glass we drink into a cocktail of ionic trace minerals, essential for bone strength, heart health, and overall vitality.*  

Power-Packed SuperFoods

Smoothies, rich in functional superfoods, are essential to our family to ensure we get everything we need in one day. AzureWell’s Organic Fermented Beet Root Powder is great in the morning smoothies, by itself with water, or sprinkling it over our salad as an antioxidant boost. The immune boosting superfood Fermented Mushrooms easily blends in with any meal where you would typically add mushrooms: pizza, spaghetti, soups, teas or even smoothies.* The fermentation process makes the nutrients in these mushrooms more bioavailable, meaning our bodies can absorb and utilize them better -- especially important in building a strong immune system.*  To promote an optimal pH and ensure we are obtaining every nutrient essential to life, I often switch up using different types of greens like Chlorella, Organic Greens or even AzureWell’s Whole Food Multi-Vitamin, throwing the capsules directly into the smoothie or as a standalone supplement for the whole family.

At our house, every glass of filtered water includes ionic mineral drops, every plate of alkaline superfoods, and every nutrient-dense smoothie is an ongoing reward in our family for a nourished body, mind, and soul. But, this health journey isn’t simply about the choices we make for ourselves. It’s about how the choices we make bring us together -- uniting our family towards a collective goal for a healthier more vibrant way of living.

Our Basic Smoothie Recipe:  Smoothies have been a staple in our family’s diet for decades and the recipes have evolved over the years experimenting with many different supplements (especially when the immune system is run down) as well as many types of different foods for its base.  Below is our most basic “go-to”.  

With supplements and children (5 years and older), I only recommend 100% whole food supplements and starting slow.  Literally, start with a ½ cap of 1 product, do that for a week, then you can go to a full cap.  Do that for a month.  Then you can try something else, starting with a ½ a cap or a pinch of powder.  A child’s body likes to be introduced to new foods slowly!  Again, these are whole food supplements, not synthetic chemicals, so your body recognizes them as food.  


*I only give these to the adults.  

Base: (you can go a lot of different directions here but I really try to keep it low-glycemic (sugar))

  1. 1-2 oranges depending on the size

  2. 1 banana (necessary to mask the taste)

  3. ½ tsp of Honey (very optional as it spikes the glycemic index)

  4. ½ cup of Coconut yogurt or Kefir 

  5. ¼ tsp of Organic Vanilla (taste)

  6. ½ cup of Oat Milk or Coconut Milk

Supplements (again, work up to the following dosages and I would do it in this order):

  1. 1 cap Whole Food Multi-Vitamin (Caps) (this is the best MV out there - no synthetics)

  2. 1 cap Whole Food C Complex (only use wholefood vitamin C… never synthetic ascorbic acid)

  3. 1 cap MultiCulture Pre Post Probiotics, Fermented (start by feeding the gut)

  4. 1 cap Next Step Advanced Probiotic (all everyone needs is one cap)

  5. 1 cap Advanced Eye Support (also great for the brain!*)

  6. ¼ - ½ tsp. Fermented Beet Root Powder, Organic (1tsp+ for the adults)

  7. 1 cap Icelandic Cod Liver Oil (one drop, then two, then three - you need to get use to the taste)

  8. 1 cap Recover Immune Vitality Complex (especially when the immune system is down*)

  9. 1 cap Probiotic Greens, Fermented (this is a great product.  All you need is one cap if you are taking the Whole Food Multi-Vitamin)

  10. *B-Complex, Activated, Full-Spectrum (only for the adults including my 17-year-old)

  11. Collagen, Pure (Deep Water Marine) (only for the adults including my 17 year - I do it for his gut)

  12. I often switch between the 1 cap Super Greens Pro pH (Capsules) or ½ tsp Super Greens Pro pH, Organic (Powder) and 1 cap Pure Chlorella (only if I run out of something else) if I don’t have the Probiotic Greens, Fermented as it is my favorite between all of them.

a father and son share a smoothie

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