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Strong Bones = A STRONG YOU

The Centenarian Blueprint to Lifelong Bone Vitality

A young boy sitting on his father's shoulders. They are holding hands with their arms outstretched. Shown from behind.

In 1979, The Guinness Book of Records amazed the world by publishing the “oldest living man,” Shigechiy Izumi, who lived to be 120 years old. What was fascinating was that unlike many Centenarians, Mr. Izumi lived an active life in Okinawa farming until the young age of 105.

It was later discovered that Okinawa, “Land of the Immortals,” has the most dense populations of Centenarians in the world. The Japanese Ministry of Health conducted one of the largest double-blind studies of all time, “The Okinawa Centenarian Study,'' aiming to understand their secrets in nutrition and lifestyle that contributes to their healthy bones, immune system and overall longevity. “Physical exercise, daily activities and bone density were predictors of longevity in Okinawa” (Akisaka M, Suzuki M. The bone density and activities of daily living in Okinawa centenarians. Hong Kong J Gerontol. 1996; 10: 453–457).

It is well documented that one of the most important factors to their health is attributed to their unique water ecosystem, rich in highly absorbable ionic minerals from the coral reefs surrounding the island. This mineral-rich water is consumed by the people of the island and used in their farming for crops, livestock and marine life.

It Takes More Than Just Calcium

Osteoporosis is a progressive bone loss condition that is not considered fatal but can shorten one’s life expectancy. Medical News Today published two studies (2021: Life Expectancy of Older people Living in aged care facilities after a hip fracture and 2015: Life Expectancy in Patients Treated for Osteoporosis: Observational Cohort Study Using National Danish Prescription Data) suggesting that osteoporosis itself does not directly reduce life expectancy but fractures from osteoporosis has a direct correlation, specifically hip fractures.

The Okinawa Centenarian Study revealed Okinawans experienced a 47% lower incident rate of hip fractures compared to Americans and it wasn’t because of the calcium supplements they took. “Calcium alone is not the silver bullet to support healthy bones”. Bones contain 12 minerals and 64 trace minerals beyond just calcium. According to Dr. Robert Thompson’s book, “The Calcium Lie,” he talks about how taking calcium alone can cause a “cascade” of imbalances and contribute to the formation of calcium stones in the kidneys, plaque in the arteries, thyroid hormone resistance, and a multitude of other health conditions.

To promote healthy bones and joints, it is essential to consume a full array of essential minerals and trace minerals through organic foods and whole-food supplements.* Taking a page from the Centenarians of Okinawa, the following are the top ten tips and secrets for achieving strong bones and longevity.

1. Alkalize your diet: Consuming a diet of alkalizing foods (i.e Dark Green Leafy Vegetables) and mineral nourishment is one of the greatest secrets in supporting healthy bones and promoting excellent health.* AzureWell’s Whole Food Multi-Vitamin (NS1870) and Trace-Replace Ionic Minerals (NS1868) are designed to support the health of bones, joints, and connective tissue while addressing age-related bone and joint wear.* AzureWell’s Whole Food Multi-Vitamin (NS1870) delivers a broad array of naturally occurring, plant based, vitamins, minerals and trace minerals to ensure bone strength and flexibility.*

2. Dark Green Leafy Vegetables: Dark Green Leafy Vegetables contain a broad array of fully bioavailable naturally occurring minerals, especially calcium and magnesium, promoting an alkaline state in the body. Supplement your smoothie with AzureWell’s Super Greens Pro pH Organic (NS1863) or Probiotic Greens, Fermented (NS1852) to make sure you are getting those greens and all of your nutrient needs.*

3. Digestive Enzymes: In order to get the essential vitamins and minerals from your diet, enzymes are needed by the body to help completely break down food for proper absorption.* AzureWell’s Dual-Purpose Proteolytic Enzymes (NS1824) and Digestive Enzymes, Mid-Meal Every Meal (NS1825) are fully active vegetarian enzymes to support the digestion and nutrient bioavailability from your meals.*

4. Natural Salt: Seawater’s mineral composition is similar to human blood. Unrefined Baja Gold Sea Salt (NS2020) contains all of the minerals and trace elements known to exist in seawater, at higher levels than most other mineral sea salts.

5. Avoid Refined Sugar: Chronically high insulin levels, from too much sugar in the diet, can cause kidneys to excrete calcium, disrupting bone regeneration, reducing bone density, and eventually lead to osteoporosis.

6. Limit Caffeine Intake: Caffeine can disrupt neurotransmitters and leach essential minerals like calcium and magnesium from the body.

7. Vitamin D: One of the most important roles of Vitamin D is to manage the absorption and function of calcium and phosphorus, which makes it a key factor in bone and muscle health.* AzureWell’s Icelandic Cod Liver Oil (NS1878) provides the perfect ratio of vitamin A to D at 10:1, just as it occurs naturally.

8. Exercise for Bone Density: Strength and weight-bearing exercises, such as rebounding, promotes muscle and bone density without causing joint stress. Supplement this routine with AzureWell’s Collagen, Pure (Deep Water Marine) (NS1855) to support joint function and collagen formation within bones, enhancing movement and comfort during your exercise.* For additional support, consider AzureWell’s Glucosamine Sulfate (NS1832). It is plant-derived, not from shellfish, and features 750 mg of purified glucosamine sulfate to target ligament and joint support.*

9. Avoid wearing EMFs: Electromagnetic radiation from cellular phones may adversely influence bone mineralization, affecting bone strength. Journal of Craniofacial Surgery:

10. Supporting Bone and Joint Health: AzureWell Ease & Comfort for Joint & Tissue (NS1835) is a triple-strength formula to provide that extra needed support to promote mobility in your joints, discs, and the entire musculoskeletal framework while supporting a healthy response to minor soreness and discomfort, easing the mild aches and pains from normal wear and tear.* Additionally, AzureWell’s Fermented Turmeric + Ginger Powder, Organic (NS1830) makes a wonderful functional superfood to provide that extra needed support for a healthy inflammatory response when you need it the most.

Leafy greens.

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables, such as Kale, are often rich in calcium and naturally occurring minerals. 1 cup of Kale can contain up to 177 mg of calcium per serving.

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