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Ceruloplasmin: “The Innate Healer”

Could it be the key to optimal health?

A multicolored ball of intertwined yarn on a white background.

From immune and bone health to cellular energy and detoxification, I often speak of the importance of consuming a foundation of vitamins and minerals through organic foods and wholefood supplementation to achieve optimal health and longevity.  Vitamins and minerals come in many shapes and sizes, and it is vital to examine and recognize the biologically active forms of these essential nutrients. Though we must first ensure proper nutrition in our diet, ceruloplasmin has a critical function as our “Innate Healer” managing these nutrients effectively in the body.

The Ceruloplasmin Is The Center of our Metabolic Activity

Picture the ceruloplasmin proteins as little tangled-up balls of yarn produced by the liver and floating around in the blood, carrying copper and helping your body use iron properly. The significance of the ceruloplasmin, specifically its deficiency in the blood, is one of the most under-discussed metabolic processes impacting health and longevity today.  Ceruloplasmin needs to become a household word because it is the center of our metabolic activity and exceptionally important for regulating vitamin and mineral balance for our health. Optimizing ceruloplasmin activity facilitates proper iron function, magnesium regulation, copper transportation and many other biological processes necessary to aid the body in times of need. Simply put, the benefit of the nutrients you get through your diet and wholefood supplements is only as good as the ceruloplasmin activity that orchestrates it.*  

Achieve The Metabolic Advantage

Rich ceruloplasmin activity is necessary for proper copper transport, preventing unbound iron toxicity and magnesium dysfunction that can drive oxidative stress and inflammation in the body.  Furthermore, promoting healthy ceruloplasmin levels in the blood can deliver a metabolic advantage when strategically targeting a variety of health concerns.*  Here’s a targeted nutritional program to promote healthy ceruloplasmin activity and function.*

Top Ten Ways to Promote Healthy Ceruloplasmin Activity
  1. Bioavailable Copper facilitates ceruloplasmin activity by oxidizing ferrous iron to ferric iron while supporting copper transport throughout the body.*

  2.  Magnesium is the conductor orchestrating thousands of enzymatic reactions throughout the body, making energy a response to stress in times of need.*

  3. Whole Food Vitamin C Complex (NOT SYNTHETIC VITAMIN C or ascorbic acid by itself), provides essential cofactors supporting the biosynthesis of ceruloplasmin and its function.* 

  4. Cod Liver Oil, in its triglyceride form, is a rich source of retinol, Vitamin A, and natural vitamin D, which are crucial for ceruloplasmin production in the liver.*

  5. Beef Liver provides a plentiful source of retinol, Vitamin A, bioavailable iron, copper, and a surplus of other essential vitamins and minerals to promote healthy ceruloplasmin production and activity.* 

  6. Promoting optimal Liver Function is critical to Ceruloplasmin production.*

  7. Healthy Adrenal Function promotes ceruloplasmin production by regulating signals from the adrenal glands.*

  8. The adrenal glands also need electrolyte support to help manage stress.*  Adequate ceruloplasmin levels, produced by the liver, are regulated by signals from the adrenals.*

  9. Iodine, like the ceruloplasmin, can also metabolize ferrous iron to ferric iron which can be useful when copper is low.*  It is even more important for thyroid performance, as it promotes the metabolism of plant-source beta-carotene to retinol (Vitamin A) for optimal ceruloplasmin production in the liver.*

  10. Taurine is a sulfur-based amino acid that promotes copper metabolism and retinol bioavailability for healthy ceruloplasmin activity.*

Ceruloplasmin: Another AzureWell Key to Restoring Balance and Living Well

Whether you're eating a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables or supplementing with wholefood nutrients, it’s really important to get all of this as a foundation for maintaining health and promoting longevity.* Your ceruloplasmin plays a key role in how these nutrients function, serving as your “innate healer”, making sure that your body uses these nutrients in all the right ways.* By having a targeted focus to support this ceruloplasmin activity, you allow yourself to be ready to handle any health challenges that might come your way.*

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